Clinical research nurse researches the level of parental understanding on nasal flu vaccine

Phoebe Moulsdale is a clinical research nurse at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. She has been awarded her scholarship to undertake the second year of her public health masters and will be exploring parents’ decision making process when they are determining uptake or rejection of the nasal flu vaccine.


How did you find out about the Florence Nightingale Foundation research scholarships?

I first heard about the scholarship via the Royal College of Nursing research bulletin, when I was looking for funding opportunities. A colleague at work was also awarded a Florence Nightingale Foundation scholarship award a few years ago so they encouraged me to apply.

Why did you choose to conduct your research on this topic?

I am a children’s clinical research nurse and the majority of the studies I work on are in immunology and how we use vaccines. My research will surround the childhood nasal flu vaccine which will be offered to all children aged 2-17 years from next year.

I am really interested in finding out what parent’s understanding of flu is, and how they make decisions about vaccination for their child.

What are the aims of your research?

My primary aim is to establish what information is available to parents, and how this information helps them to make decisions about whether or not they chose to vaccinate their child with the nasal flu vaccine.

What methods will you use to achieve your objectives?

I plan to recruit parents to attend structured face-to-face interviews, so I can get an in-depth understanding of what they know about flu, and their attitudes towards immunising their child with the nasal flu vaccine at school.

What do you hope to achieve?

This research will inform health professionals involved in delivering the flu immunisation programme, to give them a better understanding of what information is needed and by which method, so parents can make an informed decision about the nasal flu vaccine programme.

We will be blogging about Phoebe’s research process over the next year and look forward to seeing her results.

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