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NHS Professionals is sponsoring The Bank Nurses Award at this year’s Nursing Standard Awards. This award recognises and rewards the vital and ever increasing contribution bank nurses play in the overall nursing workforce on wards every day. The award was open for nominations from September 2013 to January 2014. The judges received an excellent standard of nominations this year and have narrowed down the competition to two finalists.

Let’s have a look at their profiles and find out why they were nominated:

Flus Ease team, Public Health team, Torbay Council

The 10 strong Flus Ease team were nominated by their line manager, Linda Churm, for planning and delivering a flu campaign to residential homes and individuals that are housebound in Torbay, who are not on the district nurses caseload.

In 2013 they immunised 1,857 individuals with the flu vaccine, including over 1,210 in residential homes and over 585 housebound patients. When visiting care homes, the team were instrumental in recommending that staff should be immunised, directly reducing the chances of patients becoming ill. The team provided clarity surrounding the flu vaccination and reassured staff and individuals that the vaccine cannot give you flu. Without the Flus Ease team the amount of people who would have had the flu jab in the ‘at risk’ groups would likely have been much lower.

When the team visited individuals and found them to require additional services or were particularly vulnerable or at risk, the team would stay longer with the patients and would refer them to appropriate healthcare professionals where necessary. This is not part of the immunisation team’s role, but demonstrates their dedication in caring for people and their willingness to travel that extra mile to deliver a quality, effective service.

The team provided additional services whenever possible and required very little supervision. Their dedication and can-do attitude has won them the recognition of those around them and resulted in them being shortlisted for this award.

Diana Waddington, NHS Professionals Bank Community Nursing Sister, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Diana has been nominated by Area Senior Practitioner, Vicky Melville, for continually performing and adapting to work above and beyond what is expected of her. Her exceptionally caring and hard-working attitude has been noticed by her fellow staff and patients alike.

Diana ensures each staff member feels at ease and is comfortable to approach her at any time. She is able to train and mentor newly qualified nurses quickly and thoroughly, increasing the productivity of all the staff around her. The time and expertise Diana offers in the training and development of others ensures that a team has the best professionals delivering the appropriate services to patients. This in turn improves the safety of staff and patients while minimising risk wherever there is opportunity to do so.

By volunteering to help on the ward on her days off, Diana demonstrates a propensity to put others before herself and is an inspiration to those around her.

Diana demonstrates professionalism in all of her work, from caring for individuals in a ward, to communicating with administrators and decision makers. Diana has been a source of reliability to all those around her. It is this consistent level of excellence that has resulted in her becoming so highly regarded and shortlisted for the Bank Nurses Award 2014.

NHS Professionals is proud sponsor of the Bank Nurses Award. We look forward to finding out who the winner is at the award ceremony on 9th May 2014 at The Savoy, London.

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