NHSP corporate staff member in Channel 5’s Brain Hospital: Saving Lives


Bradley Bannister, NHS Professionals Graduate Trainee, featured in an episode of Channels 5’s reoccurring documentary ‘Brain Hospital: Saving Lives.’ The new series returned to one of our client Trusts, The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust in Liverpool, bringing stories of patients and their families whose lives are changed by brain injury and illness.

The series highlights the hospitals excellent work and demonstrates the important role the Trust’s staff and NHSPs Bank staff played in Bradley’s treatment.

Bradley’s episode centres on his decision on whether to undergo radical surgery to control a tremor that has plagued him for eight years. Surgeons have offered him ‘Deep Brain Stimulation’, in which two electrodes will be inserted permanently into his brain. The electrodes, powered by a battery in his chest, send an electric current to the affected part of his brain that will hopefully control the tremor.  Bradley must decide if this major surgery is worth the risk, but his tremor is getting worse and it’s blighting his life. “If I can do something to help myself, maybe take another step forward with confidence, with capability to do stuff, I can’t turn it down – and surgery offers that.” Bradley took part in the series and was inspired to accept the surgery after seeing someone with the same condition have the surgery in last year’s series. “I really hope that I can have this same effect on someone else.”

Bradley’s brain tremors impact on his day-to-day working at NHSP; “It really affects my writing, ability to type and to hold a phone. It also affects how well I can eat, as you may imagine! It will be good for colleagues to see how I manage, hopefully help them understand and for them to ask me questions, if they wish!”

Thank you Bradley for sharing your story with us.

If you would like to watch Bradley’s episode, it can still be viewed on demand by clicking here.

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