Health Education England’s Talent for Care Project has been shortlisted for this year’s HSJ Awards workforce category


Health Education England has been shortlisted for this year’s HSJ Awards workforce category for The Talent for Care Project. The Talent for Care is a national project to develop and implement a strategy for the training and development of staff in NHS Band 1-4 roles, led by Health Education England. Staff in Bands 1-4 make up around 40% of the 1.3 million workers in the NHS, and are responsible for an estimated 60% of direct patient contact.

The Talent for Care strategy will follow the three primary themes of Get In, Get On and Go Further, each consisting of several individual workstreams that will drive innovation in workforce development.

Get in – this work focuses on bringing in new talent into the NHS, through promotion, work experience and new entry routes, and includes work with schools and colleges, community groups and work experience programmes.

Get on – this work includes the Cavendish Certificate of Fundamental Care, giving Health Care Assistants a mandatory minimum training level at induction that is transferable across all health and care settings, and the Cavendish Higher Certificate, enabling them to develop their skills and progress within Bands 1-4 roles.

Go further – opening up career progression routes in Band 5+ roles. This work is key in widening access to progression for those who would typically find it difficult to access training via the traditional degree route.

The work of the Talent for Care project is set to have a significant impact on the Bands 1-4
workforce across the whole NHS, increasing the investment in training and development for staff in these roles. It will open up innovative career progression opportunities that do not require staff to leave the organisation to be able to study and gain the necessary qualifications, particularly for registered nursing roles, which in turn helps address workforce shortage issues.

Congratulations on being shortlisted and good luck at the Awards Ceremony.

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