Coming soon…A bespoke website for you!


We understand that all our Bank Members work exceedingly hard on a daily basis and therefore need valuable Trust based online information quickly and easily.

We are now launching a new Trust based website which will give you bespoke information about the Trust you work at.

This website will be exclusively piloted at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. Once the website is effectively up and running, we will then aim to roll it out to other Trust types in the future.

It will contain information on:
• Trust based available shifts
• Contact details for your local office
• Information on training courses and events
• And much much more

It will also be tailored made for your role, therefore information which is only relevant to you, will be visible to you to ensure that you are not bombarded with unnecessary information.

The NEW website will also make it easier for you to book shifts at the Trust rather than logging onto the login’s page on the main website.

In a few weeks, we will contact you to let you know when the new website is launched. So stay tuned…

About the author

NHS Professionals administrator

NHS Professionals manages the temporary staffing needs of around 66 NHS Trusts across England. An integral part of the NHS, it aims to reduce Trusts’ spending on flexible workers without compromising quality, by providing greater transparency of demand and supplying bank staff at the best possible rate. Its bank of more than 40,000 flexible workers comprises general and specialist nurses, doctors, midwives, admin/clerical , allied health professionals, healthcare scientists, support services among other healthcare professionals.

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