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NHS Professionals (NHSP) is pleased to support Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust and Clown Round – Suffolk Artlink by presenting a donation for £250.00

NHSP recently conducted our annual client satisfaction survey for Trust senior users, including Ward Managers and Trust Leads, to feedback on the service they receive from us. This year we offered a £250.00 donation to a charity of choice for each Trust Lead that completed the survey.

Dr Hyacinth Haystack from Clown Round, ‘Thanked NHSP very much for the cheque as it would help her and her Clown Doctor colleagues to come and play with the children at Colchester Hospital more often’. She went on to say that ‘laughter is the best medicine’.

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Clown Round  which has been running since 2008 brings fun, laughter and distraction to children and young people in hospitals and hospices. The team of 8 doctors, including Dr Hyacinth Haystack, visit children on the wards to engage them in storytelling, music and magic, helping to distract them and their families through difficult times.

Kim Ness, Ward Manager for the Children’s Ward at Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust said ‘We always know when the Clown Doctors are here as we can hear the children giggling all the way down the ward’.

Lucy Archer, NHSP Client Relations Manager and Amelia Maraula, Trust Liaison Coordinator at NHSP presented the cheque to Barbara Stuttle, Director of Nursing at Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust.

She said ‘It isn’t just about clinical care; we treat the whole family – not just the child. The Clown Doctors bring some normality to the children’s day and are good for the staff too’

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