A Journey of a Lifetime: Day 3


Monday 24th August: The Serious Business by Fraser Roche

The Cavell challenge was in aid of the Cavell Trust , who assist nurses and midwives in times of need. To support and help raise money for the Cavell Trust please donate via https://www.justgiving.com/Team-NHSP1/

It was a chilly Jasper morning as we made our way to the Edith Cavell Memorial at the base of the mountain. Upon arrival Lexi and Andy did a short video to say to our colleagues at NHSP before moving to the memorial. We were told that the ceremony was informal, but it had the feeling of something important. There was an air about the occasion, made more tangible when the priest appeared to open the ceremony with a prayer. Following a short reading and several prayers the wreath was laid on the memorial along with flowers. A local drama student then performed a monologue of the life of Edith Cavell and really captured the audience.

After the ceremony we were free to explore a little before being taken to where we were having lunch as guests of the Union of Nurses of Alberta. Most of us took the opportunity to visit the Angel Glacier- one of the more popular sites in the area. A lot of the area was cordoned off due to danger of flash floods, but it didn’t detract from the wonder of it all.
It was soon time to move on to lunch and we were taken to a golf resort and treated to a lovely buffet lunch. I ate far too much, especially given I was about to hit the rapids, but it was too nice to miss out on, especially dessert! Bloated I waddled to the minivan taking Andy and I to the white water rafting place. We all had to squeeze into wetsuits before carrying out raft into the water. Our skipper looked a lot like Alistair Cook!

We spent the next couple of hours getting splashed in between furious bouts of paddling. We were given the opportunity to jump into the water, which I took. It wouldn’t be over-dramatic to say it was the coldest water I have ever experienced; it literally took my breath away. As there were a few other rafts on the river with us we had splash fights before we reached the end.

After peeling ourselves out of the wetsuits we were driven exhausted back to the hotel. Our day didn’t stop there. Dinner was a BBQ with the Mayor of Jasper and the Canadian Legion at the local function hall. I got a few minutes of the Liverpool v Arsenal game before tucking into burgers and crisps!

After a few speeches I went back to the hotel for an early night- the real work was to begin the next day.

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