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A few months ago we met with Karen Barraclough Head of NHS Professionals Governance Team to explain how the Revalidation changes will affect you.

Karen would now like to explain what we are doing to support our Registered Nurse & Midwives to help meet your Revalidation requirements.

Hello again Karen, please could give our readers some background information about the process to help remind our readers about its importance.

Every three years all nurses and midwives will be asked to apply for revalidation using the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Online system as a means of renewing their professional registration. All nurses and midwives need to meet a range of requirements designed to show that they are keeping up to date and actively maintaining their ability to practice safely and effectively. They will need to collect evidence and maintain records to demonstrate to a confirmer that they have met the revalidation requirements.

The NMC council approved the introduction of revalidation from April 2016 and they have reissued up to date guidance and supporting documentation which is available on their website:

The NMC have stated that the revalidation process is the responsibility of nurses and midwives themselves – they are the owners of their own revalidation process.

The model for revalidation in nursing and midwifery has been developed with the intention that it can be applied to all kinds of practice settings, including those where nurses and midwives practise independently with little or no support.

So Karen, what are NHS Professionals doing to support the Bank members to help meet their Revalidation requirements?
NHS Professionals is providing their Bank members to follow the 8 step program to help meet their requirements. Please click here to download the programme

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