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At NHS Professionals we always value the efforts of own workforce. When we receive good feedback from Client Trusts that the staff are progressing and making a good contribution, we make sure their hard work is celebrated.

Swetah Dourgah started the Care Support Worker Development Programme (CSWDP) in July 2015 and successfully completed it earlier this month. During her placement, her colleagues and manager considered Swetah an important asset to the team. She had a great attitude, always leaving a positive impact on her patients.

Swetah continues to work for NHS Professionals as an experienced Mental Health Care Support Worker and the Trust has recommended that she apply for a permanent post in future. We spoke to Swetah to find out a bit more about the CSWDP and her work at Surrey & Borders.

Hi Swetah, how do you feel about being Employee of the Week at Surrey & Borders?
It’s great, I really didn’t expect to win this award. I only started training with NHS Professionals at the end of June. I was very surprised and pleased to be Employee of the Week, especially because I’m new to working in the NHS.

What did you do before you joined the CSWDP?
I was a restaurant manager before I started the programme. I chose to start a career in health because most of my family are nurses or involved in the NHS. My mum works in a residential home, my dad works in the NHS and all my aunties and uncles are based in the care sector.

How did you hear about the programme?
My dad told me about NHS Professionals and then I found out about the CSWDP on the website. I was researching how to get a career in the NHS and it seemed like a good way to start out.

How do you find working at a Mental Health hospital?
I really enjoy it. My first choice was midwifery so I did placements in different hospitals to gain the experience, but now I have experienced mental health nursing and have enjoyed it so much, I’ve changed my mind and would like to continue with it.

What do you do in your day to day role?
I work in a rehab unit that serves 18 – 60 year olds and help in whichever area I am needed. I spend time in the office – typing notes, doing admin tasks and attending planning meetings. I also spend time with patients, explaining to them what we do, supporting them and assisting with laundry.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I think it is getting to know the patient personally. The more you work with them the more they open up and trust you.

Do you feel part of a team at the Trust?
Yes, absolutely. The tutors have been great and there is such a good team here. All the staff are supportive and are always there to help if you have any problems.

What is the best thing about working as a bank nurse for NHSP?
I think it is being able to choose the wards you want to work on. Once you have worked on a number of them, you know which ones you prefer and are able to book shifts on these particular wards. Working on the same wards regularly also means you can develop a relationship with the patients.

Would you recommend the CSWDP to others?
Yes, definitely. I have already told a few people about it and they seem keen to apply.

Was the training helpful to your day to day work?
Yes, it was helpful. We covered all the basics in one week of training at the start of the programme. We had a good tutor, which was brilliant. It was quite a lot to take in but how much you learn depends on how much you are willing to work. On this placement, you have to work 780 hours in six months.

What are your plans for the future?
I hope to work my way up and do my nurse training in the next year or two so this is a great starting point to gain experience.

Do you have any other comments you would like to make?
Thank you to NHS Professionals. The team has been brilliant; they always get straight back to me if I need any help.

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