Nicola Holland, Specialist Nurse, won the Bank Worker of the Month Award


The ‘Bank Worker of the Month’ award recognises NHS Professionals’ Bank Members who provide excellent quality of care to patients, achieve high standards across our core values and meet the 6Cs – care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment. There is an award for three categories; Care Support Worker or Healthcare Assistant, Specialist Nurse and Registered Nurse. Every month each of the winners receives an iPad Mini or a Kindle as a thank you for all their hard work. In order to win this award the workers must fulfil the following criteria:

• Achieve ‘5 – Excellent’ on all five of the sections of the ‘Performance Evaluation System’, which is completed by the Ward Manager at the end of each shift.
• Cancelled no shifts for that month.
• Filled the highest number of shifts in the month for which they are being considered for.

We are delighted to announce that one of the last few winners of 2015 was Nicola Holland, Specialist Nurse, at Doncaster and Bassetlaw NHS Foundation Trust. We spoke to Nicola to find out more about her and her working life.

Hi Nicola, congratulations! How do you feel about winning this award?
I feel fantastic. It was such a privilege and I am so appreciative. I was really surprised because I remember reading something about the award briefly but didn’t expect to win it. It was lovely to receive such nice feedback from the people I work with at the Trust. I think that meant more to me than the prize. It is nice to have recognition for hard work.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I have been a qualified Midwife for nearly six years and decided to join NHS Professionals in October 2015. I’ve worked in all different areas – labour wards, post-natal, anti-natal and finally, community.

Why did you choose to work for NHS Professionals?
It was to get a better work-life balance. My husband runs his own business and we just felt the flexibility of working for NHS Professionals would work better for us. It was actually his idea, he has been encouraging me to do it for years but it took a while for me to give up a full time position to go to the bank. Now, my home life is more relaxed and I have a better social life. Work is a massive priority for me and it always will be but family is just as important. If you aren’t happy at home, how can you be content at work, and vice versa?

What’s your role and what do you do day to day?
At the moment, I am predominantly a Community Midwife. I do a lot of work within the community remit so that might be working in community clinics or doing post-natal visits to all the women who had their babies at home. It also involves helping out in antenatal clinics within the hospital. I have also recently been working in the antenatal assessment unit and the maternity triage. The majority of my work now is helping women prior to having a baby. I used to be part of the core staff on the labour wards but it’s nice to have the breathing space from that to do different things.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
It’s the women, the families and the different kinds of people that you get to work with and care for. It is such a varied demographic, you never know who is going to walk through the door and that’s quite exciting. You never know what kind of problems you are going to encounter, no two days are ever the same. There’s always something that will surprise you or a new scenario that you are going to come across. I like the fast-paced changeability of the job.

What is your biggest challenge at work?
It’s probably the staffing issues. It is frustrating because there is such a high volume of work to staff ratio that sometimes you leave wishing you could have given more.

What is the best thing about working as a bank nurse for NHS Professionals?
Working as a bank nurse, I can help people where I may not have been able to when I was a full time nurse working directly for Doncaster. Now, I am able to say “yes of course I can do that” and “yeah, I can help, no problem”, which is a lovely feeling.

On top of that, hand on heart, the NHS Professionals representatives I have dealt with at Doncaster have been wonderful. I’ve been surprised at the level of professionalism at NHS Professionals. The whole process and set up is really impressive and I always feel supported and feel I have somewhere to go if I have any problems.

Do you have any other comments you would like to make?
Even though I don’t work directly for Doncaster anymore, I still feel like I have a massive loyalty towards the Trust and all my colleagues. I worked for them for such a long time, I still feel like part of the team. It was a massive decision to move to the bank but I don’t regret the decision whatsoever.

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NHS Professionals manages the temporary staffing needs of around 66 NHS Trusts across England. An integral part of the NHS, it aims to reduce Trusts’ spending on flexible workers without compromising quality, by providing greater transparency of demand and supplying bank staff at the best possible rate. Its bank of more than 40,000 flexible workers comprises general and specialist nurses, doctors, midwives, admin/clerical , allied health professionals, healthcare scientists, support services among other healthcare professionals.

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