The agency rules and collaborative working.

A blueprint for success?

Though the Department of Health introduced the Agency Cap Rules in 2015, NHS Professionals and a group of Trusts in the Manchester area have been collaborating in a successful Agency Partner Programme (APP) since 2012 – with an estimated saving of £3million on general nursing agency costs already achieved.

At the commencement of the APP preferential rates were negotiated with eight Agency Partner Suppliers. Despite agency rates increasing nationally, the Trusts worked closely together to stick to the negotiated rates. Having established the success and strength of a collaborative approach – both between the Trusts themselves and between them, their agency partners and NHS Professionals – the group were in a strong position to realign agency rates to the caps proposed by the NHSI when the Agency Rules were announced.

The group also agreed to match bank pay in critical care areas (theatres, A&E, HDU, ITU, Paeds) to encourage workers to return to the NHS and the Trusts’ banks managed by NHS Professionals. Despite increased shift demand, shift fill rates improved while agency use was reduced and agency rates fell – which meant, of course, that all the Trusts involved made substantial savings on their temporary staff budgets.


The success of this Agency Partner Programme, and the way it addresses the Agency Rules, makes it a potential blueprint for Trusts around the UK. By working in collaboration with each other, they will have the combined strength to ‘hold the line’ and make the sort of savings and efficiencies that have been seen in the Manchester area.

Colin McCready,

Chief Financial Officer, NHS Professionals

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The impact and improvements made in critical care by collaborative working in the Manchester area. 

This article is extracted from the NHS Professionals National Trends White Paper ‘Are the Agency Rules working?’

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