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How Bankshare® helps Trusts implement their Sustainability and Transformation Plans

The background…

When the NHS announced its Five Year Forward View in December 2015, the landscape for how staffing and the use of staff banks and agencies are managed began to undergo a significant transformation

It recognised that Trusts should no longer operate in isolation to address – amongst other key issues – their staffing requirements, but ideally should work together to implement Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) which reflect the needs of patients and improve outcomes.

In January 2016, local health and care systems or Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs) met to create 44 STP ‘footprints’ – geographical clusters of Trusts ‘working together to develop STPs which will help drive genuine and sustainable transformation in patient experience and health outcomes of the longer-term.’*

A key factor in achieving this transformation is how substantively employed staff and bank staff can be enabled to work across Trusts within a cluster. Is there a simple, effective solution?

‘Yes – NHS Professional and Bankshare’

NHS Professionals (NHSP), the leading provider of managed flexible worker services to the NHS is already providing a complete and proven solution – Bankshare.

NHSP: Bankshare is a tried and tested service that enables clusters of Trusts to share their own substantively employed staff between Trust banks, enabling Trusts to minimise the need for staffing agencies to fill part-time, occasional or ad hoc roles. It also gives Trusts access to NHS Professionals’ bank of 25,000 fully compliant ‘bank-only’ workers across all staff groups.

Not only does Bankshare provide staffing solutions on a shared or individual basis across the STP footprint – it also ensures compliance and appropriate skills for specific tasks. 

Bankshare is easy to operate, and brings with it valuable additional benefits which address other requirements of the STPs. As an employment model, it incorporates the shared resources and shared back office operations which the STP initiative is calling for – leading to substantial reduction in costs across all Trusts within a cluster.

Bankshare is the ideal solution for Trusts looking to work collaboratively with other Trusts in their area – NHS Professionals can help solve staffing issues and reduce temporary staffing costs while maintaining clinical governance compliance for improved patient safety. There are many other benefits too – some of which are outlined below.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss Bankshare in more detail and explore how we can help your Trust to implement Sustainability and Transformation Plans effectively and achieve cost savings. Get in touch today to kick start your STP journey with us.


Stewart Buller:

*Source:  NHS Shared Planning Guidance: Sustainability and Transformation Plans

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NHS Professionals administrator

NHS Professionals manages the temporary staffing needs of around 66 NHS Trusts across England. An integral part of the NHS, it aims to reduce Trusts’ spending on flexible workers without compromising quality, by providing greater transparency of demand and supplying bank staff at the best possible rate. Its bank of more than 40,000 flexible workers comprises general and specialist nurses, doctors, midwives, admin/clerical , allied health professionals, healthcare scientists, support services among other healthcare professionals.

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