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Industry News Update 24/8/18

Medical & Healthcare 3rd biggest industry for Flexible Working

In a report by FlexJobs we learn that Medical & Healthcare is the third biggest category for flexible jobs in 2018. The job site goes on to say that to attract and maintain top talent in a competitive market, employers need to fulfil the workers needs and this often includes a work life balance.


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Steam treatment for enlarged prostates approved on NHS

An enlarged prostate is very common in men over the age of 50, affecting one in three men. Now the NHS can start offering a new minimally invasive treatment which uses steam to kill of enlarged tissue easing symptoms.



No-one thought just how popular Flexible Working would become

A new poll carried out by YouGov & Mcdonald’s asked more that 4,000 adults for their views on working Hours. The Results told us that almost half of respondents said that they would rather work longer hours in return for more days off. Respondents that are already working flexibly expressed that they felt more motivated having the work life balance

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NHS Digital takes steps toward Half a Billion spend in new systems framework to meet evolving NHS needs

The New IT framework would replace the outgoing GP Systems of choice (GPSoC) agreement and allow GPs, CCGs and other NHS Digital customers to purchase IT systems and services managed by the national body. The framework will enable the purchase of systems and services is a more dynamic market and unlock wider benefits for the whole care system.

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Major Trauma Centres save an addition 1,600 lives

The NHS in England has saved an additional 1,600 patients with severe injuries since major trauma centres were established in 2012.
New findings show the creation of major traumas centres has led to the survival of more than 1,600 patients who have suffered some of the most severe and complicated injuries thanks to top teams of surgeons, doctors and clinical staff. Patients also spent fewer days in hospital and had improved quality of life after receiving critical care.
Major trauma centres have played a vital role in saving the lives of many victims of knife, gun and acid attack crimes that have seen a sharp increase in London and other inner-city areas in recent months.

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Researchers find Enzyme that can change blood types

Researchers from the University of British Columbia, Canada will soon start trials on enzymes from gut bacteria that can efficiently turn Type-A blood to the more sought-after Type-0.

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