Did you know that 28 days free from cigarettes increases your chances giving up smoking by 5 times? Here are 11 reasons why your life will improve if you quit smoking.



  1. Your lung capacity improves by 10% in 9 months, you will find yourself coughing less and breathing more easily. If you are over 40, simple tasks such as walking up a steep hill will feel noticeably easier.



2. In only 2 weeks your blood circulation has started to improve, making all physical activity easier because of the improved blood circulation and oxygen in the body. Your immune system will become better at fighting off the flu and colds, and you will feel more alert and suffer from less headaches. This will make surviving a night shift, that much easier. Read our guide on how to survive a night shift »



3. Many feel that cigarettes actually relieve stress, but the fact is that it may be withdrawal from cigarettes that are making you stressed in the first place. However, after you have broken the habit you will find that you are much less stressed.



4. Improved blood flow means an improvement in sensitivity for both men and women.



5. Smoking influences the potency of a male’s sperm and affects the lining of the womb. Quitting smoking will increase the likelihood of conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby.



6. Imagine being able to make foods taste nicer and smells more distinct? The toxic chemicals found in cigarettes can dull these senses, so quitting smoking will be a good move for our foodies reading this.



7. Using expensive moisturisers? No-need, its been found that smoking can speed up facial ageing and by quitting you could delay the appearance of wrinkles. Smoking also dulls your skin, so by quitting you’ll be able to achieve that younger, brighter look.



8. Been looking to get that Hollywood smile? Cigarettes stain teeth and increase the chances on getting gum disease.


9. Those around you that may be breathing in second hand smoke will have significantly increased odds of getting lung cancer in later life.  Also protect them by protecting yourself as by quitting smoking you will live longer.



10. Half of all long-term smokers die early from smoking-related diseases, but we’re sure you knew this already. But did you know that its never too late to feel the benefits from quitting? Those that quit smoking by 60, can add THREE years on to their life, and those that give up at 30 can add TEN years!


11. Smoking in the UK is not a cheap habit, if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, then you could save up £3,640 a year! A good way to stay motivated when quitting is setting that money aside and using it for something fun for you, and your family.


Thinking of taking part in Stoptober? Visit the Stoptober website for help or reach out to a friend and stop together.


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