How to: practise self-care

To work in the NHS where caring for others is at the very heart of everything that you do, it’s no surprise that so many of you forget to practice what you preach and care for yourselves.

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Did you know that 28 days free from cigarettes increases your chances giving up smoking by 5 times? Here are 11 reasons why your life will improve if you quit smoking.

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International Infection Prevention Week protecting patients everywhere


Break the chain of infection and stop the spread of germs.

In honour of International Infection Prevention Week and the  theme of protecting patients everywhere, we’re going back to basics with this guide to washing your hands.

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Quality Matters Summer 2018

Quality Matters is designed to give you a regular briefing on clinical governance, quality and safety issues with information that we hope will help you as a true professional. We think Quality Matters should contain information that you ‘need to know’ rather than
just ‘nice to know’.

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How to: Survive a night shift


Top Tips on how to survive a night shift

With nursing essential around the clock, night shifts are a necessary and important part of your career in the NHS. Whether you are a night owl or a morning lark, sudden changes to your normal sleep pattern can be tough – not just on your body, but on your mind too. Love them or hate them, we have compiled this handy guide to help you fight the fatigue and get you through them!

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Being flexible and professional

Occasionally, you may be required to move to a different ward/area.

During these times, we need you to continue to be flexible, as sometimes Trusts have to make last minute decisions to meet urgent patient needs.

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