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Thomas McGinty wins Bank Worker Of The Month for January!

Thomas McGinty, Community nurse at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, was one of January’s Bank Worker Of The Month winners. We met Thomas following his award to congratulate him and find out more about his day to day role and experiences working for NHS Professionals.

tom photo

1) How did you get into your current area of work?

Recruitment drive for Salford District nursing service

2)What does your typical day at work consist of?

Working as a community nurse for the Broughton District nursing team

3)What do you love most about your job?

The variety of patient care and the fantastic District nursing team in Salford Royal

4)How would your colleagues describe you in three words?

Reliable, professional and competent

5)What’s been your proudest achievement at work to date?

Completing specialist practitioner in the community and my V300 non-medical prescribing course

6)What’s the most challenging part of your role?

Provide end of life care

7)What’s the best thing about working for NHSP?

Flexibility, training, weekly pay, holiday pay, learning and development, experience and variety

8)What do you usually do on your days off?

Learn the guitar, go walking, go to the cinema and I love going on mini breaks too!


The Bank Worker Of The Month award acknowledges Bank Workers who have gone above and beyond what is required in their everyday duties.
There is an award for four categories; Care Support Worker/Healthcare Assistant, Specialist Nurse, Registered Nurse and Admin & Clerical.
To win this award, the workers must fulfil the following criteria:
• Achieve ‘5 – Excellent’ on all five of the sections of the ‘Performance Evaluation System’, which is completed by the Ward Manager at the end of each shift.
• Not cancel any shifts for that month.
• Fill the highest number of shifts in the month for which they are being considered for.
A huge well done to Tom and all the other winners for January! Thank you to all of our Bank Members for ensuring that patients receive the best care possible, and for being great ambassadors for NHS Professionals.


Miriam shares her thoughts on the Springboard programme

NHS Professionals’ established Springboard provides an opportunity for those without formal care experience to become a flexible support worker. You embark on an extensive training and provision programme and NHSP guarantees that those who pass the programme will acquire all 15 standards of the National Care Certificate.

Miriam King has recently completed the Springboard programme at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. She is now working as a permanent member of staff at the Ark Royal ward, but will continue to stay with NHSP and work shifts on other wards to build on her skills and experience.

We spoke with Miriam to find out about her experiences with the Springboard programme.

Can you tell us a little bit about why you chose to join our programme and become a flexible support worker with NHSP?

I first heard about the development programme from a parent who had done the programme two years ago. At the time, I was working as an early year’s practitioner and was very interested in working in a hospital, but I knew that I needed to have a qualification in order to find a suitable position.

The NHSP development programme was ideal because it’s a six-month structured programme, which includes both classroom training and working in a ward as a health care assistant. Therefore, I could learn and gain valuable experience all at the same time. I was offered support throughout the programme from both NHSP and my team members. I felt this was a lot better than just going to a ward and starting something totally new without much support.

What’s the best thing about working for NHSP?

The flexibility is excellent as it means you can choose which type of ward you want to work on. You can also choose which hospital you want and what hours suit you best. Having the support of NHSP via the phone or visiting my local Trust Liaison Coordinator to answer any questions or concerns was very reassuring. I have also found that NHSP agency staff are more respected than other agency staff and are usually trained better.

What advice can you give to other people in a similar situation to you who are looking to join the programme?

If anyone wants to work in a hospital and gain their healthcare certificate, I would highly recommend this programme; I have already recommended it to a few people! I would advise you to check all emails and correspondence, and to get all the correct information sent off as soon as possible to speed up the process. Also, chase things up if you haven’t heard anything.

What do you think about the training and supervision programme NHS Professionals provides?

With regards to the classroom training, we had an excellent trainer who made it fun and interesting. Some topics were a bit daunting if you’ve never worked in healthcare, but we all left with enough confidence to start our six-month training.

It was a challenge being placed on an elderly rehabilitation ward as I have spent my whole life caring and working with children and after one week of shadowing a healthcare support worker I was working on my own. The supervision programme was ok, although I didn’t see very much of my co-ordinator unless there were any problems. I also found it very hard to get support to complete the 15 standards required to be awarded the Healthcare certificate, and had to look a lot of information up on the internet.

NHS Professionals are the only company where you have to sit an exam to progress to interview stage and then a final exam to complete the programme, which I think is a very professional way to gain the healthcare certificate. I’d like to add that working for six months on a ward allows you to learn and develop your skills safely and professionally, and with support. You also get the chance to build good relationships with the team and your coordinator. I was given the opportunity to gain a secure placement, which may not have been possible had I not pursued the Springboard programme through NHSP.

NHS Professionals wishes to thank Miriam for taking the time out to tell us about her experiences with the Springboard programme. If this programme sounds of interest to you, please visit and search ‘Trainee Care Support Worker’, where you will find the latest adverts for programmes currently available.

For further information, please email the Workforce Programmes Team at







Improvements the NHSP Holiday Booking System


Your Holiday Booking System is undergoing some changes which will benefit you in a number of ways. The changeover to the new system will be on Wednesday 1st July and there are 3 key improvements that NHSP would like to make you aware of ahead of the change.

1) Personalised holiday year – Your holiday year will no longer automatically run from 1st January – 31st December. Instead, your holiday year will commence on the date that you worked your first shift and will expire 12 months later.

2) The new online system will be more user friendly – The look and feel of the new system makes your holiday status much clearer and more visible. You will also be able to access the new system directly from NHSP:Online, without needing to login again.

3) Minimum holiday shift duration will be based on your working pattern – You will no longer be required to take holiday in blocks of 7.5 hours. Instead, your own average shift length will determine the length of your holiday ‘shifts’.

To find out more visit: where you will be able to watch a short video, which explains how the changes will benefit you.

So stay tuned for further messages in your inbox, as your holiday booking service is about to get easier this summer!


Coming soon…A bespoke website for you!


We understand that all our Bank Members work exceedingly hard on a daily basis and therefore need valuable Trust based online information quickly and easily.

We are now launching a new Trust based website which will give you bespoke information about the Trust you work at.

This website will be exclusively piloted at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. Once the website is effectively up and running, we will then aim to roll it out to other Trust types in the future.

It will contain information on:
• Trust based available shifts
• Contact details for your local office
• Information on training courses and events
• And much much more

It will also be tailored made for your role, therefore information which is only relevant to you, will be visible to you to ensure that you are not bombarded with unnecessary information.

The NEW website will also make it easier for you to book shifts at the Trust rather than logging onto the login’s page on the main website.

In a few weeks, we will contact you to let you know when the new website is launched. So stay tuned…


Coming soon…The new email shift marketing service


We have listened to you and felt your pain and now it’s time for a change. Over the last year we have been setting up a new service to give you more visibility of available shifts.

At first this service will be exclusively available at the Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust and North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust. Emails will be directly sent out to acute nursing staff, however once the system is effectively up and running, we will then aim to roll it out to other staff groups and Trust types in the future.

The service will offer you the chance to receive timely emails which would show you shifts that you can book. Therefore in order to get “first shout of available shifts” please remember to update your profile on NHSP:Online.

Over the coming weeks we will keep you informed about the launch of our new service so stay tuned…as getting first choice of shift availability in your chosen Trust is about to get easier!


Meet our first Bank Worker of the Month winners!

We are delighted to announce the first winners of our new recognition scheme, the ‘Bank Worker of the Month’ award. The scheme recognises those workers who provide excellent quality of care to patients, achieve high standards across our core values and meet the 6Cs – care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment. There is an award for three categories; Care Support Worker, Registered Nurse and Specialist Nurse. In order to win an award, our workers must fulfil the following criteria:

• Achieve ‘5 – Excellent’ on all five of the five sections of the ‘Performance Evaluation System’, which is evaluated by the ward manager at the end of each of your shifts.
• Cancelled no shifts for the month that they are being considered for.
• Filled the highest shifts in the month for which they are being considered for.

The lucky winners from January are:

Isatu Kabba-Boima, Care Support Worker, Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust

“I am happy to receive this award and it feels great that what I do on a daily basis has been recognised by those around me. Nothing gives me a greater feeling of satisfaction than providing great care for my patients but it is always nice to have your efforts acknowledged.”

Vanessa Lowe, Registered Nurse, Kent Community Health NHS Trust

“This award came as a complete surprise and it is a nice feeling to be recognised in this way. The services I work for, and with, always make me feel welcome and part of their team. It is good to feel mutually supported.”

Wendy Cahill, Specialist Nurse, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

“I was surprised but honoured to receive the nurse of the month award. I go to work and carry out my job to the best of my ability working with the team on Panda unit. I love doing my job and while I didn’t expect it to result in an award I am delighted to win.”

It is our pleasure to congratulate this month’s winners of the awards and we would also like to encourage all of our staff to continue the great work they do every day.

Those NHSP bank workers who have achieved consistently high levels of performance throughout the year will be invited to the Florence Nightingale Foundation Commemoration Service at Westminster Abbey.